Will Buckenham


Contact Details

Tel. 01482 324252
Fax. 0870 600 5984
Email: wdb@gosschalks.co.uk

About William…

Originally from Grimsby, Will studied Maths at the University of York before going on to complete the GDL and LPC at the College of Law in York. He joined Gosschalks as a trainee in 2009 and qualified into the Litigation department in 2011, becoming an Associate in 2015 and Partner in 2017.

Since qualifying, Will has built up a general commercial litigation background and now specialises in contentious construction matters.

“I’ve always had an appreciation for a solid legal argument based on well thought out logic. Too often you come across confusing arguments that seem to have no reason or sense to them, particularly in the very specialist area of construction. There’s real satisfaction about being to boil things down to the important issues and sort things through.”

Will is known for the quick and efficient way he can analyse any matter and communicate back to his clients without clouding the process with unnecessary legal jargon.

“One size doesn’t fit all. It’s important to speak to each client individually to understand exactly what their priorities are, and what they hope to achieve. After that, you can work out the options and best strategy to achieve the outcome you want.”

Other roles:

  • Former Hull Junior Lawyer Division Treasurer
  • ‘Who wants to be an Entrepreneur’ winner
  • Gosschalks FA Manager